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Moonton - February 9, 2019
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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games used to be exclusive for PC, where original DOTA game was made as a map for Warcraft III. However, the games became very popular, and they are now available on any console, including smartphones. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a prime example!

The game is available for Android and iOS at the moment. It carries some similarities to League of Legends and users can notice that some of the games heroes have similar abilities or appearance to LoLs champions. Besides that, the map is the standard three-lane world with the river in the middle.

You can see the same creeps, turrets and bases as in other MOBA games. There is the Lord spawning on the river, which, after being slain by your team, fight for you and push down a single lane. Maximum level is 15. You also don't need to go back to base in order to equip the items you buy during the game, and you have only three abilities to use and level up with one passive.

There are many game modes besides the Classic match. You can play Rank, Deathbattle, Survival, Brawl, vs AI, Custom, and Arcade. Among these, we can single out Survival as being an interesting battle royale mode, where you and two other players land anywhere on the map as a team and have to gather equipment and fight other players while the safe zone shrinks.

The game doesn't have pay-to-win elements, but you really have to save up to buy new heroes. Its design and graphics are great and the main menu is easy to navigate.

• Free-to-play
• Easy to learn, difficult to master
• Complete MOBA experience on a mobile phone
• Matches are highly competitive
• Players are not as serious as their PC colleagues and abandons are often
• There are some bugs which need to be fixed


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• Android 4.0.3+

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